Newly Proposed NHL Realignment: What Does it Mean for the Bruins?

The NHL proposed a new realignment plan today.Photo Credit:

The NHL proposed a new realignment plan today.
Photo Credit:

Earlier today, a new proposal for NHL Division and Conference Realignment was released. There have been talks about realignment for a while now, especially since the Atlanta Thrasher franchise moved back from Atlanta to Winnipeg to become the Jets again. Winnipeg currently plays in the Southeast Division with the likes of the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning. The new divisions, or “conferences” as they would be called, would address these issues and place teams in conferences that make sense geographically.

The Boston Bruins, in the new proposal, would be in a conference with the Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Toronto Maple Leafs. It would mainly be the Northeast Division with the add-ons of Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Florida.

For the full list of the proposed “conferences” go here.

The conference would surely make the Bruins’ road to the Stanley Cup tougher as they will have to play the Red Wings and Lightning more often. These match-ups will make Boston more playoff ready but will also make it tougher to win the “conference”. A good thing about this proposal is that it keeps the Bruins and the Canadiens together so the rivalry will survive.

What do you think about the new proposal? Leave a comment in the comment section and vote on the poll!


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